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Since its establishment, for more than 40years, Al-Mitwalli Group has been a source of industrial and economic development in Saudi Arabia

To strengthen its role in the said sector, Mitwalli Steel Products factory was established and it is now considered one of the pillars of Saudi advanced industry and an essential part of the construction sector in general and the Saudi metal transformers industry in particular. Mitwalli factory is one of the largest factories located the fifth phase of the industrial zone in Jeddah. Indeed, Mitwalli factory is a milestone factory as it uses the latest technologies and employs the most skilled technicians to produce a wide range of steel products of the highest quality that meet the international standards and fulfil customer’s expectations.

Mitwalli steel has gradually developed its production lines and increased its annual production capacity of steel hollow pipes and tubes, flat bars, grille, corners, beams and sheets. It has also increased the production of corrugate sheets as well as the wider range of construction and metalwork supplies. Mitwalli is known at the local and regional level for its excellence in engineering design, accuracy and the high-quality of the used raw material. Mitwalli also extends its services to the end-user to ensure that the products are manufactured as ordered.

To carry on its role in the industrial development of Saudi Arabia, the company has established a division specialized in commercial steel structure to supply construction projects. It has also created another department to manufacture steel works and construction.

Mitwalli has cut-edge slitting lines of high efficiency and exceptional capabilities. These lines slit coils in different thicknesses and sizes.

Suchlines also provide the service of recoiling.  Under the supervision of skillfulengineers, slitting lines operate automatically to cut sheets in different sizes according to the customer’s request to meet the highest international standards with high annual production capacity.


Maintain and strive always to improve upon the Quality of "what we do".


To be a leader in Saudi Arabia's Industries and Economic Growth


Provide a work environment that values integrity and encourages teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth for all and at all levels of the organization


Based upon the ‘Groups’ vast technical experience and a strategy of incremental business expansion, Mitwalli Steel Products Co. was established as a natural extension in this industrial evolutionary process.









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