Quality Policy

According to the standards of the ISO 9001:2015 international quality system, and in line with Mitwalli Steel products factory co. commitment to continuous improvement within the company, and to keep up with modern methods of building internal capabilities, the company’s management has decided to adhere to the following:

  1. Commitment to the application and review of the quality management system for all company operations and activities, including all products and services provided.
  2. Developing quality-supporting processes and delivering services at the highest level of performance and efficiency.
  3. Establishing an effective system to meet customer needs, measuring satisfaction, and continuously improving it.
  4. Training and developing the skills of company employees through specialized training programs to ensure that the quality management system requirements are understood, and that all employees are capable of effectively carrying out their responsibilities.
  5. Applying continuous improvement standards in operations and performance measurement for business development.
  6. Setting quality objectives, monitoring them, and reviewing them regularly.
  7. Working with a team spirit and enhancing the skills of employees through continuous training.
  8. Regularly reviewing and monitoring various processes to ensure the quality of the services provided.


To achieve these goals, the company is committed to setting quality objectives and a continuous improvement policy that enables it to provide high-quality services to its beneficiaries that meet their aspirations while considering local regulations and laws in this field. The company also commits to disseminating and implementing this policy and communicating it to all employees, making it mandatory for everyone to apply it as part of the quality assurance system implemented in the company.

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