Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Mitwalli Steel Products Company is to provide the highest quality of Steel Products at Competitive Prices together with an uncompromising approach to the “Quality” and manner in which we conduct our business and serve our customers.

The goals of the Establishment are to provide a work environment that values integrity and encourages teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth for all and at all levels of the Establishment. We will employ the principles of Total Quality Management to maintain and continually improve the “Quality” of what we do, and competitively advantage for our Establishment, our customers and all other interested parties associated to Mitwalli Steel Products Company.

To achieve the above mentioned goals Mitwalli Steel Products Company is committed to:

  1. Operate a formal Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and its continual improvement;
  2. Work closely with our clients to ensure our products and services conform with their requirements;
  3. Set up the Quality Objectives of the Company; and
  4. Enhance the potentials of our staff through multiple training programs and career development.
  5. By example and direction, I will ensure that this Policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the Company.

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