Ethics Policy

The goals of the Company are to provide a work environment that values integrity and encourages ethical work, reliability, Honesty, truthfulness and fairness in production and marketing for all and at all levels of the company.

We will employ the principles of ethical in business to maintain and continually improve the “Quality” of what we do, and competitively advantage our company, our customers and all other interested parties associated to Mitwalli Steel Products Company.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, Mitwalli Steel Products Company is committed to:

  1. Relations with government and the local community, customers, shareholders and other investors, employees, and competitors.
  2. Honesty, truthfulness, and fairness in marketing.
  3. The Company’s loyalty to Customers when it is in difficult economic conditions.
  4. Fighting the bribes to secure contracts.
  5. Clarity of pricing, size, and content.
  6. Not involving in dumping – selling at a loss to increase market share and destroy competition to subsequently raise prices.

By example and direction, I will ensure that this Policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the Company.

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