Strategic Plan

We recognize that Advance Planning and the control of materials, machinery and manpower are the means of achieving this mission and accordingly we will continue to:
Use raw materials of the Highest Quality, procured in accordance with pre-determined specifications, from suppliers who can demonstrate commitment and consistent conformance to our required levels of Quality.

Employ and maintain State of the Art Technology in terms of machinery and equipment. All machinery purchased will reflect the latest appropriate developments.

Employ qualified and motivated manpower, dedicated to the service of our Company and our customers. Our policy on manpower is to provide a stable, well-trained and flexible workforce. A strategy for the Training and Perform an Evaluation of manpower at all levels within our Company is established as an integral part of our Quality Management System.

Be diligent in our approach to performance measurement and process analysis, seeking opportunities for improvement, resolving identified concerns ‘at source’ and initiating preventative actions where appropriate to prevent the recurrence of any problems encountered. By this means, we will ensure that the Highest Standards of Product Quality are consistently achieved and seek the security and prosperity of all associated with Mitwalli Steel Products Co., our customers, suppliers and staff alike. We trust that this profile, together with our Company Quality Policy clearly defines our commitment to Quality and the Service of our customers.

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